31 days of Instagram content ideas to get you inspired


So you’re staring at your computer or phone screen trying to decide on exactly what to post on Instagram?

Whether you’re a small business owner that has just taken the leap to create your own Instagram account or whether you’re an experienced Instagram influencer – I’m sure these words have once escaped your lips:  “I need to post something today but I have no idea what”

So how do you escape the brain fog & start creating seriously good Instagram content?

Well here are 31 content ideas to spark your inspiration!

Before you start: Identify your content buckets

Content buckets or pillars are categories or themes of content that work as a foundation for a content strategy.

See below an example of a Make-up brand who has categorised their content into content buckets.

A good way of identifying content buckets is to brain-storm your brand values, community and product/service benefits & differentiations. Write these ideas down and categorise into subsets.

Examples of content pillars could be:

• Product demonstrations

• Get to know the team

• Customer stories/reviews

• Educational/tutorials

• Community involvement

• Brand focused

• User-generated content

Once you have established your key content buckets, you can begin to create content surrounding these themes.

Now, here are 31 days of content ideas that you can implement into your content strategy!

1. Share your vision & goals

Share your direction & goals with your audience. This doesn’t necessarily need to be related to your business – get personal with it!

2. How-to Tutorial

Give your audience some valuable and actionable content! Some examples of this may include:

• Product demonstration

• Interesting product hack

• Service tutorial/expert advice

3. Inspirational Quote

Post something inspiring for your followers, because let’s be honest.. what’s Instagram without a good quote?

4. Collaboration

Find a brand or influencer within your niche & join forces! Making relevant associations increases your exposure across other IG pages. Examples include:

• Collaborative photos

• IG story ‘takeovers’

• Product/service bundles

• Exclusive giveaways

5. User Generated Content

User-generated content is a type of content that has been produced by your followers. Sharing this to your page is a great way to engage and encourage further UGC content, because even in the digital world – word of mouth is the most valuable type of marketing.

6. Action Shot

Instagram is all about visuals – so get that portrait mode out on your phone or whip out that camera and take some high quality shots of your business or product in action!

7. Get on Trends

Getting involved in current trends, memes and challenges is a great way to let your brand personality shine! Shareable content is great for engagement.

8. Before & After

Showcase the type of work you do by posting before and after images of previous products/services that you’ve done.

9. Timely Content

Keep up to date with world events, public holidays and take the time to discuss/celebrate with your followers if relevant.

10. Sneak Peeks

If you have any exciting news coming up make sure to build the anticipation by dropping hints!

11. Ask a Question

Get your followers talking and ask a question that will encourage thought. Whether this is on a topic relevant to your brand or not, make sure it’s tailored to your target audience.

12. Product Shot

Post professional high quality images of your product/service and sell the benefits/uniqueness of it. Long story-telling captions perform the best!

13. Competition Giveaway

Now this one is a big one for gaining organic followers & engagement quickly! Make sure you give away something of value and is relevant (not just some random hat you found on the street).

14. Meet the Team

Get personal & show off your amazing team. Instagram is a social platform after all!

15. Feature other Accounts

Keep the collaborations coming! There’s so many like-minded brands, community groups & micro- influencers. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

16. Community Post

Community posts are especially important for local businesses that service a specific location. These posts can include:

• Community landscape images

• Community events

• Community sponsorships

• Community highlights

17. Competition Reminder

Remind your audience that your competition is ending soon!

18. Lifestyle Shots

Feature your product/service in a styled scene to portray the main purpose of the product/service.

19. Competition Winner Announcement

Let your audience know that your competition is officially closed and announce the winner by tagging them in your post!

20. Share Advice

This is especially important for service based businesses where their knowledge is key. Sharing information that your audience considers useful gives them more the reason to follow and engage with your business.

21. About You

As Instagram is a social platform, users love to get personal with you and learn more about who is behind a business. You’ll find that these type of posts get high engagement!

22. Motivational Quote

Share a quote in the morning to get your audience motivated!

23. Behind the Scenes

Give your followers a tour of what goes on behind the scenes of your product/service.

24. Brand Story

Tell a story about your brand that could resonate with your audience. Some examples include:

• Brand journey

• Brand purpose

• Brand vision

25. Informative Video

Post a short video on IGTV to give advice to your followers. Whether this is explaining the benefits of your product/service, a common topic, current events – video’s attract more eyeballs!

26. Promote Website Content/Blog

Make sure to share any updates to your website to get more traffic. Whether you wrote a blog, added new product/service pages or gave your website a facelift – keep your followers up to date!

27. Promote Product/Service

No one likes a sales-y or pushy post promoting a product/service when they’re scrolling through IG. Keep these posts at a minimum but don’t shy away from posting them either! If you have a special offering or promotion – make sure you let your audience know!

28. Share Testimonials

Share some nice words said about you, your business or your product/service.

29. Workstation Shot

Take a shot of your work space and share it with your audience!

30. Share Upcoming Work

Show your followers what you’ve been up to and what exciting things are to come!

31. Share Previous Work

Tell a story of a previous problem a customer had and how you solved it. Whether it’s showcasing the service you conducted for them or an action shot of your customer using your product – this will help your followers identify a need if the problem resonates with them.

Keep this list handy by downloading the 31 Days of Instagram Content Calendar PDF here!

Keep this guide handy & download the PDF calendar version using the link above.